Sitemap - 2014 - Mark Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Books and Blog

Happy Holidays

I am back from vacation

I updated

Experimenting with Clojure + Ember.js and ClojureScript with Om

It is simple to use the IBM Watson AI APIs

I was accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark program

I pushed a NLP demo to IBM's PaaS service BlueMix

Setting up "Heroku like" git push deploys on a VPS is so easy

Changed license on my Haskell NLP code and comments on IBM Watson AI system

I am open sourcing my Haskell NLP experiments

Testing the new Amazon Zocalo cloud file storage service

Trying Office 365 on Mac, iPad, and Android

Some Haskell hacks: SPARQL queries to DBPedia and using OpenCalais web service

Setting up your own SPARQL endpoint for Freebase (with a Java client)

My experience converting my NLP library and demo web app from Clojure to Haskell

Do your family and friends a favor and watch the movie "Fed Up" with them

Experimenting with Apple's new language Swift

Haskell experiments - NLP and Yesod web apps

Technical diversity

I am still trying to learn Haskell

My new book "Build Intelligent Systems with JavaScript"

Java 8 and Clojure

Trying out the Google Cloud Platform

Great joy in the world - Java 8 released

I finally tried Google Glasses

What a difference 3 years makes - Cassandra 2.x, CQL, Java, Clojure, and Node APIs

My Mom Elaine Watson died yesterday

Java and Clojure examples for reading the new WARC Common Crawl files

Less Java and Clojure, more JavaScript

I am very pleased to be helping the Common Crawl Organization

Practical Internet Privacy and Security

Trying to find a Java equivalent for Clojure + Compojure + Noir

I am immersed in graph databases

Great talk at Google today by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

Experience Working at Google

My team at Google is hiring for a Semantic Web/Linked Data position

JVM language shootout

Working at Google as a consultant

Free Software Foundation (FSF) is even more relevant now than ever before

Using OpenCyc RDF/OWL data in StarDog

Python SPARQL client example