Sitemap - 2012 - Mark Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Books and Blog

I am trying to improve my skills at design and web development

Technology tire kicking: trying Rails 4.0 beta

Happy Holidays and my future plans

Home from our Amazon River vacation - here are some pictures

Problem fixed with Holland America: they offered a nice refund

I am going to be mostly off the Internet for 3 weeks

Deep Learning

"ClojureScript: Up and Running" book

Will HTML5 be the most important technology of this decade?

Clojure vs. Scala smackdown

A revolution in education

I tried using Twitter Bootstrap this morning. Really nice way to support mobile devices.

Alternative JVM languages

More work on my NLP web service

Effectively using Linux for work

Can we agree to stop buying Apple products?

Rewrote my main web site in Clojure + Noir

More Clojure Datomic experiments: decoupling data building and transactions, and adding text search

A little Clojure wrapper for Datomic

Using the Datomic free edition in a lein based project

Using the new Bing Web Search API from Java and Clojure

New cellphone: Samsung Galaxy S III

My simple hack for using local JAR files in my Clojure lein projects

Secrets of a polygot programmer

I have been loving Ubuntu 12.04

I just released some NLP code for Pharo Smalltalk

Nice: OpenCyc version 4.0 has been released

Using Dojo Mobile in Clojure Noir web apps

A shoutout and thanks to the Pharo Smalltalk developers

Code examples for a Dojo Mobile one page application. Backend in Ruby/Sinatra

Experimenting with Dojo Mobile

Importance of testing

More on PaaS: new dotCloud pricing and services

A better tool for private social and working networks? Using Open Source Apache Wave (used to be Google Wave)

Redhat OpenShift is another interesting PaaS

Deciding between two premium hosting options for a new side project

I am a living advertisement for JetBrains products :-)

The one computer to rule them all

I am adjusting to a mobile digital life: the acceleration of convenience

Since Bing search and spelling APIs are no longer free, I did a quick survey of other services and signed up for Yahoo BOSS search.

Back from Vacation, catching up on work, and a Java retrospective

Using Wolfram Alpha from Clojure

A bright future, with some potential problems

Using pjax with Clojure and Noir: minimize client side Javascript code while maintaining fast page load times

Nice discovery: PJAX and Rails

I feel a bit like a traitor to the open source movement: I just re-signed up as a Mac OS X and iOS developer

github repo for 4th edition of my Java AI book

Citrusleaf: an interesting (non open source) NoSQL data store

Yes, the DynamoDB managed data service is a very big deal

Web 3.0 and the Semantic Web, a slight return site is online

My two new projects: both web portals written in Clojure

Using Emacs and org-mode in OS X