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(re) learning Clojure

Using the New York Times Semantic Web APIs

Closer to the metal: Clojure, Noir, and plain old Javascript

Ruby Sinatra web apps with background work threads

Using the Stardog RDF datastore from JRuby

Experimenting with Google Cloud SQL

The quality of new programming languages is apparent by looking at projects using the language

Writing a simple SQL data source for the free LGPL version of SmartGWT

Annoyed by anti-MongoDB post on HN

Notes on converting an GWT + AppEngine web app using Objectify to a plain GWT + MongoDB web app

Recent evaluations of web frameworks while on vacation

Anyone know any SmartGWT and Java developers looking for a job?

Common Lisp example code for my Semantic Web book is now LGPL licensed

Changed license from AGPLv3 to LGPLv3 for example code in my book "Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications, Java, Scala, Clojure, and JRuby Edition"

Semantic Web, Web 3.0, and composable systems

A letter to my friends and family: the death of American democracy: not dying, but already dead

Appreciating Steve Jobs and the people taking part in "Occupy Wall Street"

Experimenting with Clojure 1.3 and Noir 1.2

JPA 2 is the only part of Java EE 6 that I like a lot - how it compares to ActiveRecord

Finally saw movie "Crazy Heart" - thinking that an AI could write country western songs

For work I have been using GWT/SmartGWT. For fun: Seaside and Pharo

Google+ Developer APIs

Getting set up to work on the 4th edition of my Java Artificial Intelligence book

Changing the way we use the Internet

What I have been working on lately

Second edition of "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist"

Working on a new GWT application for a personal project

Apache Google Wave in a Box project is starting to look good

Google+ seems to be very well done

I am using SmartGWT on two projects

Prelude to learning Clojure and Scala: learn some Haskell

Largest public SPARQL endpoint:

Programmer study time

Polyglot programmers: setting up multi-language access to data

Text search in SimpleDB: a Ruby example

And the best JVM replacement language for Java is: Java?

Some new Platform as a Service providers: and

(Roughly) comparing Play! version 1.2 with Rails

Amazon Cloud Player: make sure you take advantage of their introductory offer

The Cloud, The Cloud


David Rumelhart passed away. RIP to a good guy.

MongoDB 1.8 released - and there is joy throughout the land

Nourish and manage your career, not your job

Don't stray too far from well supported language, tool and platform combinations

Curated data

Big Data

Two good books on AppEngine development

Social networking: why fewer connections may be better

Java EE 6 is actually pretty good

Recommended: Niall Ferguson's "The Ascent of Money"