Sitemap - 2010 - Mark Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Books and Blog

Nice: Neo4j version 1.2 final released

Good SimpleDB performance tips

WebServius wrapper for web services and data services

Control of news media == ability to set public opinion

Christmas came early: my Google TV arrived at 7pm tonight

Excellent product: RubyMine 3.0

Getting the Dojo 1.5 rich text editor dijit.Editor working nicely with Rails 3

Reading "The Rails 3 Way"

Using cloud services when services like and Wave get cancelled

Suggestions for Python SDK and AppEngine

Platforms and Infrastructure as service

AppEngine SDK 1.4 release is likely a game changer

Python is not such a bad language

Must-have tool for understanding your web site and blog: Google Analytics

Wonderful book: "Land of Lisp" - Conrad Barski is a great author and communicator

Distributed NoSQL datastores: Cassandra and Cloudant's BigCouch

Good to be a programmer. Or: custom solutions are sometimes better

Is it better to spend time learning new programming languages or study languages and tools you already use?

New AppEngine 1.4.0 features a game changer for JVM languages

Publishing to the Kindle, Android, iPhone, and iPad

Benchmarks: memory use can be as important as runtime for some applications

Clozure Common Lisp 1.6 has been released

Thanks to Tom Munnecke for portrait photographs

Contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators and ask them to have their families publicly go through the TSA grope experience

I am softening my position on Oracle's stewardship of Java

My nephew died this morning: rest in peace Anthony

Question: what would be the legal ramifications of forking Java, but not calling it Java?

Downloading all of your data from Facebook

Free PDF for the Common Lisp edition of my "Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications" book

Wow: I think QuickLisp will change my Common Lisp development setup

Convergence on HTML5 for user facing software development

Java support on the Mac

review of new Hulu Plus service

Future society: an optimum strategy for flourishing

Social network based authentication done right

Nice: Clojure results now in Computer Language Benchmarks Game

My travel journal notes for my Siberia, Japan, and China trip

I am back home after a 4 week vacation: blog comments are now enabled

Big productivity gain: not having an Internet connection in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

I am going to be on travel for 4 weeks: temporarily turning off blog comments

Rich client web apps: playing with SproutCore, jQuery, and HTML5

MongoDB "good enough practices"

Very interesting technology behind Google's new Instant Search

Using Hadoop for analyzing social network data

why doesn't iTunes support Ogg sound files 'out of the box'?

Two new books today

I've improved my Hadoop map reduce development process

Efficient: just signed up to write an article on Rails 3 after spending weeks spinning up on Rails 3

Very cool: a tutorial on using the MongoDB sniff tool

Very good news that Google will be providing a "Wave in a Box" open source package

I finished reviewing a book proposal tonight for an AI text book

GMail Priority InboxBox

Command line tips for OS X and Linux

Consistent APIs for collections

Nice, just installed Rubinius-1.0.1

Using cljr for Clojure development

My light weight Clojure wrapper for the PowerLoom knowledge representation and reasoning system

Ruby happiness: first Ruby 1.9.2 released, now Rails 3.0

I am merging my other three blogs into this (my main) blog

Moving MySQL to a large EBS volume

Good resources for learning HTML5

filling a tech knowledge hole: I bought "HTML5 Up and Running"

How programming languages affect thinking; Clojure at work; my Clojure wrapper for PowerLoom

Haskell is much easier after coding in Clojure and Scala for a while

Interesting new Google Buzz API: PubSubHubbub firehose

Good news: Google buying Freebase

Scala 2.8 final released. I updated my latest book's Scala examples

Good job: CouchDB version 1.0

Monetizing social graphs

Using Open Graph

Reading two good books on using MapReduce algorithms for large scale text processing

Spending money on faking public opinion: Cocoa Cola paid tweets, BP hiring people to down vote anti-BP stories and blog posts

Interview with Dan Ingalls

Nice: New Cog VM just-in-time compiler for Squeak and Pharo is using RDFa - let's reward them with our business

Excellent: "Points of View" is a collection of previously unpublished essays written to celebrate Alan Kay's 70th birthday

I have been working for CompassLabs

Really liking Ubuntu 10.4 with my i5 laptop

Very good movie by Kate Ray: "Web 3.0"

I created a separate blog just for Clojure stuff

I created a Clojure NLP project on github

Clojure: using a local Maven repository in Leiningen based projects

Sweet: Ubuntu 10.4 released

I wish the Play framework was available when I did server side Java

My Objectify-Appengine setup

A great way to get around the long loading request times on AppEngine

Tutorial on using Map Reduce to analyze log and web site click data

my new project:

Very useful book: "REWORK"

Mobile device web apps

My Clojure, MongoDB, Ring, and Compojure development setup

My Clojure, Ring, Compojure development setup

Three of my articles just published on

First rough cut of software examples for my book "Practical Semantic Web Programming (Java, Scala, Clojure, and JRuby Edition)" is available

My new Ruby Blog

Switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ for AppEngine development

JVM: JRuby's advantages over Clojure and Scala

New (very) rough drafts available for both Java and Lisp editions of "Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications"

Ugh, Python. But, PyCharm is charming :-)

Wrappers: staying portable and agile

Comparing Clojure and Scala as 'Java replacements'

new URL for this blog:

Semantic Web: an alternative for RDFa

Click is now a top level Apache project

Saving money: using a 64bit Ubuntu VPS instead of a 64bit Large EC2 instance

A followup on using Windows 7 for Ruby and Java development

The beauty of Latex: my AllegroGraph book becomes two books, one for JVM languages and one for Lisp

Looking towards a universal wrapper/proxy for knowlege and data stores

Using Windows 7 for Ruby and Java development

New laptop: Toshiba Satellite U505

Running OpenCyc 2.0 on OS X