Sitemap - 2009 - Mark Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Books and Blog

My tech industry predictions for 2010

$1.5 trillion a year for "defense" spending, little money left for local governments; living locally; Happy Holidays

Building the EtherPad system and perusing the source code

Amazon Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is pretty cool

The cost of commoditization of computing: infrastructure and software

IntelliJ version 9.0

Balkanisation of Ruby?

Privacy and Security in the Internet Age

Coolness! good instructions for trying Rails 3.0pre

New Amazon Web Services feature: boot from EBS

Playing with Chrome OS

I am watching the live Chrome OS Webcast

Hosted MongoDB and CouchDB

nice: Rubymine 2.0 released

MongoDB has good support for indexing and search, including prefix matching for AJAX completion lists

How to install CouchDB + nginx + basic authentication on EC2, including a Ruby client

"always on" MongoDB installation on my laptop

Using nailgun for faster JRuby startup

I just tried Amazon's new Relational Database Service (RDS)

Securing your Mac laptop

More getting stuff done by doing what I most want to do experiments

RDF datastores are noSQL also - always keep an RDF data store service running

Cloud computing options and portability

Switching an AppEngine project from JRuby+Sinatra to Java+JSP

I built the open source IDEA 9.0 git snapshot - works fine

Nice tool for writing and maintaining documentation: YMUL web service and yumlcmd Ruby gem

Some frustration with JRuby + Rails on Google AppEngine

Designing for scalability and platform portability

Storing Lucene indices in Cassandra; cloud versus running your own server farm

Interesting new book: "Networks, Crowds, and Markets: Reasoning about a Highly Connected World"

Using Facebook Connect just got a lot easier

Nice: RubyMine 2.0 will be a free upgrade

My DevX article "Using Gambit-C Scheme to Create Small, Efficient Native Applications" is now online

Adventures of living in the mountains: heavy monsoon rains and flooding

I just read the text for Obama's speech to school kids: it is non-political and strong on American values

Very much liking Amazon EC2

Giving something back

great video talk: "Innovation in Search and Artificial Intelligence"

Easy installation is a form of elegance

Notes on using PowerLoom with SBCL Common Lisp

I have been very busy

Yes! Google Java AppEngine Plugin is now available for Eclipse 3.5

Good advice: enjoy whatever you are doing at the moment

Google AppEngine and OpenID

Tools: experiment with many, master a few of them

If you have a Google Wave account, then try my Robot extension

Have fun with the AMI containing the examples from my latest Ruby book

Writing Wave robots that use blip titles and text

Wave may end up being the new Internet coolness

Google Wave gadgets

Cool: just wrote my first Google Wave "robot" JSON web service

Book project, Google Wave, and a kayaking video

Gambit-C Scheme has become my new C

Common Lisp RDFa parser and work on my new AllegroGraph book

Measurement promotes success

Continuing to work on my AllegroGraph book

W3C killing off XHTML2 in favor of HTML5: bad for the Semantic Web?

PragPub - free monthly magazine for developers

My new APress book was released today: "Scripting Intelligence: Web 3.0 Information, Gathering and Processing"

USA: return to 'robustness'

Tough choice in the USA

My Java AppEngine article published; my wife's video; more good experiences with Heroku

ClioPatria semantic search web-server

Opera Unite is an interesting idea

Heroku: Rails hosting done right

Google Translator Toolkit: wow!

Ruby client for search and spelling correction using Bing's APIs

I avoid installing software with sudo

Chrome browser betas for OS X and Linux - very fast!

Open source, the gift economy, and the new world order

Scala really is a "better Java"

Google's Wave platform

Google's (eventual) support for RDFa

My Ubuntu/OS X MacBook

I just switched my MacBook over to Ubuntu

I switched to using RubyMine for all of my Rails development

Good article on the economies of scale

My book is almost done

'Getting Stuff Done', new Ubuntu 9.04, OS X

Apache Mahout Scalable Machine Learning first public release

Configuring nginx for both Rails and Tomcat

IntelliJ does a fairly good job on supporting Scala Lift projects

Lots of choices: managed hosting, EC2, App Engine; also unfair Sun criticism of App Engine's Java restrictions

Good reading: Insoshi Rails source code

I just tried the Java version of Google App Engine

Bummer, I missed out on the Java for Google App Engine beta

You never really know what technologies will win in the market place

RubyMine 1.0 beta

Amazon Elastic MapReduce

Local Search and Rescue probably saved my life last Thursday

Sun, Amazon, and cloud computing

Happenings at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: this is what we need to see more of!

Very nice: new Rails Magazine

Very cool: compiling JRuby classes to Java classes

Big Agriculture Business and Congress up to no good: criminalizing home and community gardens

Beta Safari 4.0 web browser is fast

Google’s canonical link tag

The Sinatra web app DSL rocks

Bruce Perens on the GNU Affero General Public License

Web 3.0: not just Semantic Web and Linked Data, also interop on languages and platforms

More work on migrating to Ruby 1.9.1

More notes on switching my development system to Ruby 1.9.1

Overcoming a psychological hurdle: switching my development system to use Ruby 1.9.1 by default instead of Ruby 1.8.6

Google Gears with GMail, Google Reader, and Google Docs

Monetizing Twitter and Facebook

Amazon Web Services (AWS) web based console. The economy and IT.

Very cool: Google's Picasa client is now available for OS X

Amazon S3 and EC2 are awesome