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Merb and Rails merge

I am very much enjoying learning Haskell

How far can corporate oversight reform go? Fix our agriculture industry?

Best chicken, ever

Haskell it is

Good article on adding security to Semantic Web applications

Something fun: new book project on the Semantic Web using AllegroGraph

Giving up on just using one IDE

My new book "Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java" is available in print and as a free PDF download

Don't repeat yourself: for code, sure, but how about for data?

Good Ruby support in IntelliJ 8.0

Bad news: I did not get to read "The Reasoned Schemer" this morning. Good news: no lines at my polling place today!

Cool: JetBrain's new RubyMine

Complaints about Ruby memory use: false?

My Merb DevX article is online

Charming and useful: Tim O'Reilly's conversation with Yossi Vardi

Cool: OS X version of Mono 2.0 released

I converted to Ruby + Merb

Wow, Merb really is fast

MerbCamp 2008 wrapup

MerbCamp 2008

Swi-Prolog and the Semantic Web

Trying to find a single Java web application framework

Odd but fun: online avatars

Looking for reviewers for my book "Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming With Java"

Inspirational: David Heinemeier Hansson's keynote talk at RailsConf

Very cool: PracTex online magazine for LaTex users

Space4J: similar to Prevayler but takes advantage of Java 1.6 concurrent data access APIs

Extracting text from a documents

Distributed robust system for provenance and trust in Semantic Web Applications and Tim Berners-Lee's new World Wide Web Foundation

I'll be at MerbCamp in San Diego October 11-12

Rails, Trails, Lift, and Seaside

Very useful book: "LaTeX Graphics Companion, The (2nd Edition) (Tools and Techniques for Computer Typesetting)"

Java arrays and primitive types should (perhaps) be deprecated

Just out: my DevX article on Semantic Web, Sesame with Java and JRuby

Wanted: authors for my 'virtual publishing' business

New version of my KBtextmaster NLP library is available

More use of Eclipse and Mylyn: new book project using Latex

Eclipse Mylyn: a show-changer?

New search site and other alternative search engines

Open data sources like Metaweb, Wikipedia, and SEC Edgar database

Dynamic language 'goodness': comparing JRuby and Java Semantic Web example programs

Programming for small devices

I am evaluating Google's Protocol Buffers for my KB_bundle product

OpenDS 1.0 LDAPv3 server

A trip down memory lane: Pascal development

Great tools: the Java advantage

Good news: Microsoft to support ODF as default Word file format

PLT Scheme v4.0 is released

Ruby on Rails 2.1 and the MagLev Ruby virtual machine

"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull": Cate Blanchett steals the show

Packaging Java libraries to be "IDE friendly"

Scala and the Lift web applicaton framework

Book review: "Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist"

Programming: sometimes simpler is better

I am back from 14 days of travelling in Northern Mexico

Using JSON for communicating between Ruby and Lisp or Scheme

New Google Web App Engine

National Public Radio: "Our Confusing Economy, Explained" - excellent!

Blu-ray and Java vs. DVDs

Book review: "Building SOA-Based Composite Applications Using NetBeans IDE 6"

Minimum number of languages that a developer should master?

Advantages of open source: quickly working around problems

C++, taking a second look

Excellent video: Dan Ingalls demos Lively Kernel at Google

My web portal

Ruby becoming a first class language on Mac OS X

Importance of understanding business and sales issues; dynamc languages

Ruby client code for accessing OpenCalais and Metaweb/Freebase web services

Heavy weight Javascript client applications vs. lighter weight AJAX

Microsoft, Yahoo attempted buyout

My DevX article "Real-Life Rails: Develop with NetBeans, Deploy on Linux"

IBM's Project Zero

NetBeans 6.1 development build: almost there for my work

PostgreSQL 8.3 on OS X: I like the full text indexing/search features

Snowing in Sedona Arizona

XMPP (Jabber)

Getting Things Done: a perspective from a work at home programmer

I finally tried Ruby 1.9 (developer's release)

More TV/Internet convergence:

I updated - now shows nutrients for meals and daily meal plans

Yes, tools matter

Ruby and Java integration

Ruby on Rails Fixed Price Quick Start Service

RIP Bobby Fischer

Wow: a Java application with 25 megabytes of JAR files

A Tale of 3 IDEs

The great static vs. dynamic typing debate

Nicholas Carr is correct re: world wide computing cloud

Cool: Common Lisp Elephant object persistence package

NetBeans 6.0 Visual Web Pack: not ready, but looks promising

Plone 3: nice!

Scala programming language