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2008 predictions

Very cool: backing up Google Office documents and outsourcing infrastructure

Consulting and working at home: when does the work day end?

Hiding source code: so bad!

I am updating to Rails 2.0.x

Back online after my vacation

Google's view of UI development: do it in Java

Quality Open Source: Squeak 3.9 final and new Seaside 2.8

Software development: smaller is better

OS X Leopard

ZFS: disuptive technology?

NetBeans 6.0 beta 2 is released

Ruby debuggers

Netbeans IDE 6.0 Beta 1: (J)Ruby and Rails support is looking good; mixed experience with IntelliJ 7.0 + Ruby plugin

"100% Rails all the way, baby!"

It is important to check web sites and web applications for usability by readers with disabilities

Wow: what a difference caching makes!

Joost: Internet TV done the right way

More fun with JRuby: using the PowerLoom reasoning system

Good PDF book: "Ferret" by David Balmain

Plain text and other simple document types

I am loving Amazon's new MP3 musc store

"Why would you use Ruby when you could use Smalltalk???"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not crazy, but his speech irritated me today

Interesting article on graph/lattice theory leads me to a good looking library

Glassfish v2: Update Center and port 4848 Web Admin are cool, but...

Programming languages: advantages of both specialization and being a generalist

Great combination: nginx, Mongrel, and Rails for secure HTTPS

JRuby and Jython: a one way street?

1. Shameful behavior: ruining our grandchildren's lives because of our generation's greed 2. a story about my Grandmother

The New York Times 'gets it'

Chris Petrilli's second brain

Classic "slip of the tongue"

IBM's support for is important

Good book: "Programming Collective Intelligence"

Gambit-C Scheme 4.0 final released today

Erlang 'mindshare'

Franz Allegro Common Lisp 8.1 has been released

"Getting Stuff Done" GMail FireFox plugin

Adoption of GPL v3: looking good

The shoe-maker's family has no shoes?

Squeak Smalltalk 'goodness'

REST rules

Fiat currencies like the US dollar

Education is a life long path

I upgraded my open source projects to use version 3 of the GPL and LGPL today

I revisted the scene of my 2/2/2006 accident today

My best Ruby coding hint

"Everything is Miscellaneous" - book review

Why GPL version 3 is important

Hibernate Search: good integration of Lucene and Hibernate

Cool: Ruby Google GData client library

Fantasy that may likely come true: Prometeus (experience is the new reality)

Using Lucene with JRuby

GMail PowerPoint file viewing

Apple Safari for Windows

JRuby 1.0 released

Why the complaints over purchaser's name embedded in Apple's non-DRMed music?

Emacs 22.1 is released - first major update in 5 years

The URL for this blog has changed

Is the Common Lisp 'loop' macro evil?

Google Gears: a sea change for web applications?

Why the ODF is better than Microsoft's document formats

Data representations: the more the better

Use of arrays considered harmful?

Interesting technology: AllegroGraph

My article "A Java Developer's Guide to Ruby" was just published

Deploying a Squeak + Seaside web application to a Linux server in 3 easy steps

How much does web framework choice really matter?

The Semantic Web, Parrots, and AI

Landscape page layout orientation should be the new standard

Can't believe I missed this Unix utility: screen

Review of Nokia N800 'web pad'

Google Data APIs

Interesting way to build rich client web applications: mjt

Less is more: advantages of compact programming languages

GWT and Seaside: steps in the right direction for increasing developer productivity

Balancing the use of Open Source (especially GPL) and proprietary software

Apollo alpha released to developers: offline enabled web applications

Factor and

Trip down memory lane: I installed Minix 3 tonight

I have released some NLP (natural language processing) tools with a LGPL license

Integrating PHP and Ruby with Java server side deployments

Future of programming and IT jobs

Google Guice: probable affects on my development methodology

Being a good web citizen

New version of my free web book "The Software Development Book"

I took another look at Grails

Very best tools to work with

Lunch with an opponent from the 1978 US Chess Open

Automating the technical writing process

Source code for FastTag released - free for non-commercial use

Struts 2 release

Lunch time walk in "our back yard"

Source code releases for my commercial products

Source code for commercial products and social responsibility

Google Apps Premier Edition: seems like a slam dunk decision for small companies

More on Internet video:

Internet Video

Ruby 2.0 svn trunk with Yarv

The "ergonomics" of Java programming market penetration only 0.3% ?

Am I the only one who uses the old LGPL MySQL Java driver?

ODF - open document format

Java + AJAX in 18 lines

Virtualization is changing how we deploy and how we manage old software systems

Not being able to work at a desk, and: Intel Macs + Parallels = perfect for development

Semantic Web: through the back door with HTML and CSS

Heavy weight Javascript + AJAX vs. very light weight CSS + DHTML

Convention over configuration in Java web apps

True confession: programming in Javascript and loving it

What to do to survive the recession? Build wealth

New York Times advice: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Using the Dojo Javascript library in Ruby Rails

The genius of Jerry Weinberg

Suggestion for PC manufacturers

Long term prediction: Microsoft loses its monoply power

Nutch: a platform is born