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My take on Microsoft/Linux patent issues

JRuby 0.9.2

Getting around problems with Apple's iTunes DRM

Correction: Google SOAP Search APIs

Web services as a business

Google search API: rest in peace

I updated this weekend

DRM and (Un)Trusted Computing: really a big deal?

Public web applications and knowledge workers

Java JDK6: bundling web services, embedded database, etc.

Eclipse Mylar: automating context manangement for work tasks

out of the hospital and back online

AJAX tools for multiple development platforms

'Perfect' Mac OS X backup procedure

Offshoring vs. increasing the number of H1-B visas

Ha! Compare Nintendo Wii to Sony PS3 rollouts!

New World Order: things that will effect its outcome

GPL license for Java

Pricing of Microsoft Windows Vista

Some dissatisfaction with Ruby

Democratic mandate: investigate corruption

Vacation in Utah: Capitol Reef, Bryce, and Zion national parks

VAR agreement with Franz

Very good: Democracy - Internet TV Platform

More on personal information management

Be willing to pay a small price for freedom

And the winner is...Linux Desktop!

More on web based office tools:

"Google Office"

Human minds, programming, and the "caching problem"

Quicktime movies playing on Ubuntu Linux that do not play on Windows XP

Praise for older software

North Korea. Economies of Japan vs. USA

Java + AJAX : IntelliJ 6 + GWT a great combination

A bit of history, the Slackware 11 release, and software power

Best technical writing software?

Persistence for object oriented languages vs. programmer efficiency


Apple just lost a sale - Steve Jobs is no longer on my good guy list

Is the upcoming ABC whitewash of 9/11 events a failure of public trust?

Disconnect between thinking about a problem and programming


Linux vs. Windows and OS X: it is the economy that will be the driving factor

Open source, free, and commercial software

I started a new blog just on AI theory

Writely has started accepting new accounts

Indie Game Development, AI in games

OpenCyc 1.0, AI in general

How much more productive is using Latex rather than Word or OpenOffice?

Globally unique identifiers

Yes languages affect our thoughts, even in programming

Criticism of non-dynamic languages

Dissent: the finest of American traditions

Secrets to living a happy life

Good point: disinformation and the Semantic Web

Why I have not been blogging about the latest war in the Middle East

Is India blocking my blog and all others on

Good concert

Quality of life, technology, and ecology

Windows Genuine Advantage

21 years with Emacs; streamlining writing/publishing with LaTex

Incredible what a few lines of Ruby code will do

30 minute lesson on the Middle East

New version 350 of PLT Scheme

A good free Ruby book/tutorial

So, how are they making money on this?

More work combining Ruby and Common Lisp

A simpler, more directed Microsoft under Ray Ozzie

Meta object protocol in Lisp and Ruby

Comparing Google's Picasa Web to Flickr

Different doument types, different work flows

Saving time with Ruby and ActiveRecord

Yes, the world is probably a safer place

A sad day for the U.S.

Wow! Google Spreadsheet web app: very cool!

I am on Microsoft's side on this one

New PowerLoom site

Interesting product: AllegroCache

Dealing with Knowledge Artifacts that are still in paper form

The Da Vinci Code

Will Java JRE be installed by Linux distros by default? Is it too late for this to have a large impact?

Google Web Toolkit

The Lisp community needs to do this more often

I am back home

Surgery Thursday - I will be offline for a few days

Integrating a semantic network with a reasoning system

Why the ultra-rich should stop supporting Bush

I sometimes forget how fast compiled Common Lisp is

$19 for a more productive environment

Excellent: ABC's streaming TV shows

What happens that major news is not reported?

IDEs: best of breed vs. 'good enough'

Information: organization vs. overload

Suggestion for Bush and Congress over what to do about gas prices

Long term AI job: what language to use?

Protecting the IT infrastructure and competitiveness of the U.S.

Oracle making their own Linux distro?

Web application integration

Owning your own business

Working backwards on the Semantic Web

Disney-ABC start to get it

What about your $27,000 debt?

Interesting: Bill Gate's work flow; knowledge management

Matz on Ruby's Lisp heritage

Rails 1.1 released

I enabled comments on my blog

Managed code, Microsoft dropping .Net from Vista implementation

We *really* need semantic attributes on web links

Great article on Java performance

Privacy issues vs. very useful web portals like GMail, Yahoo Calendar, etc. is starting to come online

Yes, Ruby is ready for the Enterprise

Blue Ray and HD-DVD; Amazon S3 storage

Useful tool for searching millions of RSS feeds; some of my own projects

Feeling of relief: switching back to from Word

I wish there were more commercial apps for Linux

Flickr and Netflix web portals, etc.

I finally converted from CVS to Subversion

Ruby 'duck typing' addiction

Microchunks: short online media clips

Wonderful mix of functional and logic programming

Switching to Rails (with some Java)

European effort to compete with Google/Yahoo, and local open source advocacy

Mongrel: interesting alternative to WEBrick

Ruby duck typing

Life, New Google Desktop and Netflix

Apache vs. lighttpd vs. WEBrick

My hiking accident, virtualization, and DRM

Glad that Google is supporting the Mac with GMail notifier and Google Earth

Google Linux

Yikes! Criticizing something without understanding it

Microsoft Word's master document support sucks; ancient archeological sites

Large overhead for consultants: agreeing to contract terms

Yahoo and Google (on Slashdot): rooting for underdogs

Sony e-Book with electronic paper

Fun: Flickr slide shows

DRM, Apple's Music Store, Google Video

Carville and Begala: yes!!

I must have been crazy using Linux on my desktop

Rich clients and web applications

Conservative Patrick Buchanan also gets it right

'smartest man alive' gets it right.

Great: a free online version of Diestel's Graph Theory book

Google Video: bad, or what?

Quality of information vs. hot news

More on link types and the Semantic Web

Are Apple laptops a good deal?

Blue-ray and HD-DVD: I think DVD is here for the long term

Lack of Linux client support by Google and Yahoo

Kurt Vonnegut: Human beings will be happier only when they find ways to inhabit primitive communities again

Easing into the Semantic Web