Sitemap - 2005 - Mark Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Books and Blog

A trip down memory lane: I have a Prolog programming job

A novel search engine application

The world is getting more peaceful

New open source project: Ruby Message System

Great commentary by Mark Shields

Java and Ruby integration

flickr: coolest web portal? is done (for now)

Moving to more collaborative web applications

Efficient use of time, getting things done

RubyPlanet.NET - all things Ruby

World peace: yes it is possible

I have a new book contract

Back from Belize

I am going to be offline for a few weeks

Best paper on Ruby on Rails

This guy gets it right: Java language extensions hurt the platform

Cornucopia complex, Ruby on Rails vs. Java and Lisp

Updated version of my "Practical AI Programming in Java" free web book

I just added PDF and RTF export to

MIT's $100 laptop

Tomcat, Ruby on Rails, and Araneida

Partnering and forming a Corporation

Interesting artificial intelligence problem

Possible privacy concerns, but I like Google's personal search

Intel Macs running OS X, Linux, and Windows

Excellent: official Java support for system tray functionality

A la cart media purchases will lead to higher quality in TV and movies

What a difference a day makes

Latest Java Trails version 0.8 looks very cool


Poor product: Sony Network Walkman NW-E95: poor MP3 support

Great Java open source project: Nutch search engine

Good update: RadRails 0.4 released today

Efficiency (or lack of) in Java reflection: glad we have it anyway

I add spell checking/correcting to online word processor

WebSphere Community Edition: not available until the end of the year

Classic computer science text and papers on the web updated: added document export and search (or: sometimes it is good to be lazy)

New web app for editing rich text documents (or: Rails vs. Java saga continues)

Rife with automatic CRUD scaffolding worth looking at

Great interview with Brent Scowcroft

Getting back to simplicity

Side by side comparison of Ruby on Rails vs. JSP + JavaBeans

The more things stay the same: distributed tuple space toolkits like Jini

Code generation wizards: Ruby on Rails vs. Microsoft (and dynamic programming languages)

My notes on using RadRails for Eclipse + Ruby on rails development

Our Java portal for recipes is almost feature complete

Sharing and the gift economy

Nice business model: Intergalactic Medicine Show

Really bad decision over NASA's funding

Easy update of Ubuntu Linux to new release

Ruby tools improving

SOA and

User's perspective on web services like and GMail: running stateless

Writing my own message board for second time in 2 years

Oracle buying InnoDB owner

Predicting the Future: Linux vs. Windows

Predicting the future: Google vs. Microsoft

Reading code and tech papers

Better power management under Linux than Windows XP

Automating development tasks ...

Matter of attitude: switching between Windows, Linux, and OS X

Where is Apple's iPod/cellphone?

That does it - I am going to sell my Microsoft stock

Extending the Windows shell to explore JAR files

Peter Norvig and Joseph Campbell

new web portal, some interesting implementation details

Best movie of the year: "The Constant Gardener"

I moved to a much faster server

MySQL optimizations; free Opera browser license

My IntelliJ review was not well received

Great book on DHTML/Javascript

We are rebranding our new web portal to

The "Mom software modification"

Great George Orwell quotes

Fast progress on

Great (and free) Lisp programming environment

Efficient capital markets

beta version of is available

Google: Desktop 2 beta, $4B for implementing my idea

Windows vs. Linux on Slashdot; plain text

I upgraded to version 5 of IntelliJ

OK, HSQLDB is cool after all

For Java developers: case study of the utility of dynamic languages

I am still looking for the best database solution for web apps

Free (and good!) picture story for young kids

Not sure about Sun's Glassfish J2EE stack project

JBoss vs. GlueCode, web frameworks

ancient software

"What's a promise worth in America?", or: our new Corporate Overlords, part 2

"Standard" way to add RDF meta data to web sites

"A Housing Boom Built on Folly"

A fun waste of time: web browsing with new PSP firmware update

Semantic Web, Bosworth's MySQL conference talk, etc.

Disruptive web technologies

More on the Seaside web framework

Seaside might be the best web application framework for small scale web applications

Kai-Fu Lee's move from Microsoft to Google

Cleaned up my site

Good comparison of Struts/Hibernate vs. Ruby on Rails

Why Windows irritates me

Full circle: EJB 3.0

Metadata: we hardly knew you...

I am finally using JDK 1.5 (Java 5) language features in production code

The US/China embrace

I am actually enjoying writing a JFC application

Everything belongs in a source code control or content management system

Is language oriented programming the next paradigm shift?

Code refactoring and cleaning out the garage

Open sourcing GlueCode

The Middle Path

Making time for personal projects

Hibernate Developer Wizard

Joy of Ubuntu Linux on my laptop - bad show for PC vendors not supplying Windows install CDs

Sometimes it takes an 'expert' to screw things up

Use of only a single programming language considered harmful

Rethinking DRM

How Open Media Network differs from BitTorrent, etc.

Open Media Network: very cool

Matt Raible's AppFuse - good stuff

Microsoft's Visual J# 2005 edition

Working for money vs. working on stuff we love

I am working on the Jaffa LGPLed project

My 'Ruby network programming' article is up on DevX

Yahoo and iTunes online music stores

Sun expanding overseas

OASIS Open Document Standard

Strange advantages of using Windows XP

Dude, I got a Dell

Security update makes Java unusable on OS X

My new career playing the didgeridoo?

Liferay: open source CMS/portal: looks good

This is why Free Software works!

I released my open source Ruby part of speech tagger and text categorizer

Very useful: links to PyCon 2005 papers

My DevX article on Lucene was just published

renewed interest in neural networks?

Easy way to run Tomcat on port 80 (not as root)

More on Sony PSP

I bought a Sony PSP today

Compromises: Apple's Music Store

LOL: Ruby on Rails vs. J2EE pontification

Reports of Java developers becoming addicted to Ruby programming

NetBeans 4.1 beta: UI builder, etc.: wow!

Open Source as a business done right: SugarCRM

SWT and Java: a good combination

Best of breed vs. general purpose tools

new free Enhydra J2EE stack available

I open sourced my Java KBtextmaster project

I restored my open source web page

I wish that this was written in Java

Why P2P like Bit-Torrent needs legal protection

Pushing Java back into the background for web applications

Java Trails, Ruby Rails

Is the dollar 'being dropped'?

Legislating against municipal broadband: let the corruption begin

CORBA, SOA, Semantic Web

Real patriotism; paper on oil/economic warfare against the US

Hey, my computer is bothering me while I am working

Dowser: cool clustering search tool

Java code is running faster than equivalent C++ code

Coolest thing in the FSF online store

Now both SWI-Prolog and XPCE are LGPL

Qt GPLed for Windows

Very useful: PyDev on Eclipse

Installing Eclipse 3.01 on PowerPC Ubuntu Linux

Sweet: Ubuntu Linux on an iBook

Linux TCO vs. Windows TCO

I did not intend to rag on Apache, BSD, etc. licenses last night

Open Source vs. Free Spoftware: brown nosing vs. doing what is right

Feels good: donating to FSF, Debian, Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux: yes, it rocks!

Tomcat v.5.5.7 for JDK 1.5. Also: JDK 1.5 vs GNU Java

Patent threats to US IT industry and my ability to earn a living

Using WingIDE for a GPLed project; Java vs. Python IDEs

Ubuntu Linux: job well done

good read: "Free Software Magazine"

Love BitTorrent for Linux distros; why not for 'Indy' TV productions?

I wish I had written this :-)

Disappointed with Sun's terms on 'patent sharing' with open source

Easy GNU gcj Java native compiler install on OS X

New paradigms for web app development

Open publishing of scientific research papers

Solid J2EE applications

OS X + Linux: perfect combo! Also: request for advice on SuSE Linux dedicated server providers

Tomcat for Java, CheryPy for Python web apps?

I have finally switched to Java 5 language features for new development

Why don't more customers want to save money with Open Source development?

Has Novell screwed up SuSE Linux?

The best Java CMS system

Updated my white paper "Jumpstarting the Semantic Web"

Interesting stuff on Semantic Web; my idea that I am going to hash out

US food imports at an all time high? WTF!

Updated version of "The Software Development Book for Java Developers" available on my web site

Source code for demos; future commercial and Free Software projects

IBM, patents, open source

API Javadocs for my KBtextmaster product

Legal uses for BitTorrent; suggestions for TV networks

Web app development work: plain Tomcat vs. JBoss?

Love PayPal - perfect tool for consultants and 'small time' software venders

Great source for free online AI research papers

Admitting bad habits

Something really nice

Java trick for reading files

Perhaps it is time to sell the last of my Microsoft stock

Having fun in San Diego