Sitemap - 2004 - Mark Watson’s Artificial Intelligence Books and Blog

Combining Java with other languages

Lisp vs. Java products, ant build process

Cut down the trees: payoff to political cronies

I may be Java developer, but...

Oh, the crap they try to feed us

Open file formats and AbiWord 2.2.2 for OS X

Great! a web site for home/amateur movies

Lisp world: the old and the new

Supporting infrastructure for nurturing creativity

Why should the USA have to be a net importer of food? And, starving children.

NetBeans 4. Free vs. commercial development tools.

OS X 10.3.7 upgrade: wowza!

I think that I will buy a PlayStation Portable (when available in the US)

Too cool: a 'Comic Book' to teach you Lisp (online web site)

Most productive programming languages and platforms

How much productivity is lost due to Microsoft software?

I really appreciate Google Adsense ads

Authoring plain web pages vs. Semantic web pages

Weird: so now Alan Greenspan and I are in agreement?

Apache Daisy CMS sytem

Magnolia v2 Java-based Content Management System

Distributed knowledge workers

Dumping on our kids and grandchildren: raising the national debt limit

Semantic Web: replace RDF storage with relational database?

My free advice to Steve Jobs: movie equivalent for iTunes music store

Simplified EJB 3.0 specification: still not sure how much I will use it

Using Firefox client, server side Java for a standard platform

Excellent summary of Bush economic policy

A great software demo; tools for creating demo movies

Hypertext and Knowledge Management: personal history

Positive Media Workshop

Ongoing education: something a little different

Easy cross platform RPC

Congratulations Julie!!

Java Wiki tools

100,000 Excess Civilian Iraqi Deaths Since War

Cool: free music CD in November WiRED Magazine

OpenCroquet improvements: coming fast

Visiting San Diego - I just saw a large screen iMac

Why doesn't Alan Greenspan level with us about the economy?

Write once, compile and run everywhere

Great New York Times article

Good book: The Definitive Guide to Plone; my AI products

"It's just the bats, Madam"

Croquet is released

I visited the Arcosanti archology last night

the intellectual exercise of figuring out the world

OpenCroquet announcement and paradigm shifts

Waiting for free software releases

GMail is getting better and I am really enjoying Clusty

Second brilliant thing I have seen today: Rich Hickey's Lisplets

Brilliant: article about database wrappers in Python

My email to Microsoft requesting OOo file format support as a standard feature for Word

A great article by Senator John McCain on courage and social responsibility

Small and nimble: small but valuable companies in the future

Automatically sorting out "Java blog entries" from "non Java blog entries"

Major update to one of the best AI programming languages and platforms: Swi-Prolog

Good thing: European OSCE commision to monitor U.S. elections in November

Use the right tools for a job: platform choice vs. available open source projects

Why don't we call 'tax cuts' 'tax deferments'?

One of my favorite things about Java: packaging both code and data in JAR files

Getting people to think

Amazon's search portal is cool

Being an OS X user I forgot about the hassles of Windows and Linux

Demand for U.S. Treasury Notes by foreign banks at a historic low

AI research at Microsoft: question answering system

Budget deficit is $422 billion - or $571 billion counting borrowing from social security

Java article, SOAP, XML-RPC

Kerry and Bush: keeping fairly quiet about urgent economic problems

Why do I have to read foreign news to get accurate information on my country's economy?

Tailoring web apps to use FireFox; comments on Open Source

JDK 1.5

Russell gets it right

Why Open Source will win in the Knowledge Management and Document Management space

Sometimes I change my mind: Dave Pollard on free trade

Automatic add-on module installs with PLT Scheme, Squeak, etc.

Google file system, large scale architectures, Smalltalk Open Croquet

Outsourcing (Slashdot), and why we will hopefully not have food shortages in the U.S.

What is up with people setting CLASSPATH?

Slashdot: Why is Java un-cool?

Tomcat as an application platform: enjoy the simplicity

Calling 'return' in a JSP, avoiding sendRedirect(...) problems

Using GMail to keep track of competition

Archiving data (semantic web, business, etc.) in XML

I am back from traveling to my niece's wedding

Some people 'really get it'

3D graphics with Squeak Smalltalk and LispWorks Common Lisp

The End of Oil

Software patents: eventually giving the edge to the third world?

ACM articles on haptics

Why it is OK for Republicans to vote for Kerry

PDF files should be offered in two formats for 'laptop viewing'

I prefer writing server side web apps - that is why I like Java

Corporate owned news media has voted: Bush wins!

IntelliJ 4.5: tasty!

OpenOffice 1.1.2 available for Mac OS X

Building gcc-3.4.1 from source: Java gcj

IntelliJ 4.0

I am back from Alaska


Fahrenheit 9/11: skillfully done: I recommend it to both Democrats and Republicans

Outsourcing time zone advantages, reverse outsourcing

Trying the NetBeans 4.0 developer build

Java and Mono

Sun's Java Studio Creator, other web app development tools

U.S. cronyism in Iraq

Sun's Java Studio Creator for Mac OS X

OpenOffice batch Microsoft Office document converter

Eric Clapton: a good guy!

Computers: low power better than faster?

The bad effects of the news business

Sometimes you just need commercial software development tools

Squeak Smalltalk: almost as good as Lisp for experimental programming

Using Java applets for UIs for Lisp applications, and web apps in general

The death of an Open Source Project

Web apps, Microsoft, Mozilla/Firefox

If you only read one news article for the rest of this year

No Evidence Connecting Iraq to Al Qaeda, 9/11 Panel Says

My flat screen monitor: the parrot perch

High value of informal code inspections, even for single developers

Google News, 'real paper' newspapers

Why I love Java: somethings are so easy to do...

Very cool: Loom Knowledge Representation System is open sourced

Free J2EE 1.4 stack: JOnAS 4.1

More on commodity hardware and software

My Slashdot posts on being interviewed at Google

Complexity of Java code for reading documents vs. Microsoft documents

Open document formats: anyway to force Microsoft to use unencumbered formats?

Google, GMail, Microsoft...

Best hack award: NeoOffice/J: using Java to get running without X11

Could be the best editorial of 2004 (so far)

Fed has increased money in circulation (M3) by levels usually only used in a dire crisis

Optimistic Optimization

Sun's new pricing models

Memorial Day fun

Server side Java: less is more?

How to increase our national security

cheap hardware and free software: disruptive technologies

I turned off my old blog service at

I am appreciating JavaScript more

Economy: short term view is mandated by politics

Paper on extensible languages

UPI: Amnesty International Report: really sad

Writing custom JSP tag libraries: yeah, like cleaning out the garage

New Springer-Verlag catalog: 9 new books on the Semantic Web

MSNBC: "General is said to have urged use of dogs"

Still loving the Prevayler Java object persistence framework

Microsoft's Office and web services plan; risks of proprietary formats

New version of Protégé Ontology editor, and other semantic web tools

PBS news: perfect response to Bush's B.S. speech

Why not use SnipSnap on my own server?