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Contact Information: (928) 300-8542, [email protected]

Professional Summary

Mr. Watson has workedon machine learning, artificial intelligence, and semantic web/linked data projects since 1982. Mr. Watson has worked on projects for Capital One, Google, DARPA, SAIC, Nintendo, Pacific Bell, Disney, CompassLabs, and Webmind Corporation. Mr. Watson is the author of 20+ books.

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Programming Language Expertise

Mr. Watson designs and develops software using Python, Julia, Java, Haskell, Ruby, Clojure, Common Lisp, and C++ programming.

Work Experience

Mr. Watson has run a one-person consulting service company from 1999 to the present time, with a few full time engagements during this time:

Capital One: manager of UIUC machine learning team, Master Software Engineer (2017-2019).

Ola Search in Singapore: machine learning for NLP and machine learning training (2016).

Google: worked with Knowledge Graph on an internal engineering project (2013).

Pace AP work on a real time large scale licensing system using Java EE 6 (2012)

Webmind Corporation (1999-2000) - General Java and artificial intelligence programming. Server side Java and Internet data-spidering agents.

Angel Studios (1996-1997) - Artificial intelligence C++ software implementation for two Nintendo video games, and the lead programmer for dinosaur/river ride VR experience for Disney.

Vantage Software: machine learning for NLP.

CompassLabs: machine learning for NLP using Hadoop map reduce.

Global Health Care Systems: Phrophet Quest project for using AI to improve patient outcomes.

Disney/Americast Java based set-top-box prototype that tracked their product that was written in C (1998).

SAIC Machine Learning and general AI Backpropagation neural model for SAIC bomb detection system. Author of SAIC ANSim Neural Network product. Author of ExperOPS5 product for Macintosh and Xerox Lisp Machines (1982-1993) .


B.S. Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara

All class work completed for M.S. in Computer Science with 3.9 GPA at San Diego State University while working full time

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