Free mentoring and advice

I have had a long and happy career, largely because many people have mentored and helped me. I would like to return the favor by helping other people!

I am allocating a couple of hours a week to helping people by talking about their goals, or get started on their projects by offering advice on any technical problems they have that I might be able to quickly help them with, advice on which technology stacks to use, etc. I have a busy schedule so I will limit the time helping anyone to a one hour talk on the phone or email conversation, then wish you luck :-)

My email address is markw @ markwatson . com. Email me and we can get started.

When you first email me it would help if you can provide some information that I can read through before we talk:

  1. If you are a student and you want to talk about your studies and future: describe what you are studying and your career goals.
  2. If you are considering making a career change and want to talk about this: describe what you are currently doing, what your goals are, and what your general plan is.
  3. If you want to talk about a system or product that you are building: Describe the users of the system that you want to build: what problems do they have that your system will solve. What input data will your system operate on and what is the expected output. Provide manually produced examples. If the system has a user interface then provide drawings of what you would like the user interface to look like. What technologies have you already identified that might help solve you users' problems. What are your technical skills? What programming languages are you familiar with? What frameworks and libraries do you most often use for software development? What experience do you have in deploying web applications?

Terms under which I provide free mentoring and advice: Please do not tell me any confidential information about your business, plans, or goals. I will make a point of not discussing your project with anyone else without your permission.

I offer no warranty of any kind on the advice I give you.

Privacy statement: this site collects no personal data. My blog is hosted on Google Blogger - please read the privacy notice if you visit my blog.