I have three web portal projects that I have wanted to develop for quite some time. I am close to releasing two of them (a text analytics web service and a stock photos and video clip store. My wife and I are avid photographers and we have been wanting to travel more and do more photography; I started putting together the photo site yesterday morning and hope to have it fully on line in the next day of two - simple to implement. The text analytics web service will be publicly available within a month or so (right now, just the demo page is active - I short circuited the new account login for now). My third project is a web portal for a single consultant to manage multiple customers. Last year I prototyped this for my own use using Java + GWT + AppEngine and then ported it off of AppEngine, using MongoDB for the data store. I have had such a fun and productive time using Clojure and Noir for my two recent projects that I am considering porting this third project to Clojure. I might leave it as-is except that I have already done most of the design for a more complex web app to manage multiple consultants with multiple customers. I know that the development would go much faster using Lisp.