While I have been following Semantic Web technologies for over 8 years, I find the slow adoption to be frustrating. I am trying to do my part to promote the Semantic Web by writing two editions of "Practical Semantic Web and Linked Data Applications." One edition has examples in Java/Clojure/Scala/Jruby and the other has examples written in Common Lisp. There is a lot of common material in both editions so I expect people to only read the edition that covers their favorite programming language.

I will sell physical print books via lulu.com and there will always be free PDF versions on my Open Content web page. I hope to have the Java/Clojure/Scala/Jruby edition finished by early April and the Common Lisp edition finished sometime in early summer.

I just posted PDFs for both editions. That said, these are very rough cuts, with large sections still to be written.

There are a lot of very good Semantic Web tools and frameworks - both open source and commercial. I am using the commercial AllegroGraph product for both books (the free edition is very capable and sufficient for many applications). Additionally, all of the examples in the Java/Clojure/Scala/Jruby edition also work with the open source Sesame library (even the geolocation and text search examples because I layered this functionality on top of Sesame).