The latest release of OpenCyc uses a Java runtime so it is portable. I often keep OpenCyc running on one of my servers, but for convenience I also wanted to be able to run it on my MacBook. My MacBook only has 2GB of RAM but this seems to be adequate, especially because I don't run the JVM in server mode on my laptop. Start by downloading the Linux OpenCyc 2.0 distribution.

Make a copy of the file opencyc-2.0/server/cyc/run/bin/ and replace the original file contents with:


java -Xms$MIN_HEAP -Xmx$MAX_HEAP -XX:MaxPermSize=$PERM_SIZE -cp lib/cyc.jar:lib/subl.jar:lib/juni\
t.jar:resource:lib/ext:plugins com.cyc.tool.subl.jrtl.nativeCode.subLisp.SubLMain -f "(progn (load\
\"init/jrtl-release-init.lisp\")))" "[email protected]"
With these settings, OpenCyc 2.0 starts up quickly and has fairly good runtime performance on my MacBook: fine for experimenting with OpenCyc. Run the system using the top level run script (which you do not need to modify):
cd opencyc-2.0
OpenCyc 2.0 consists of a AI reasoning runtime, a "real world" ontology, hundreds of thousands of terms and millions of relationships.