I had not used Plone in several years. I set up Plone for a customer's development team this evening (a few of us wanted something more full featured than a wiki), and perhaps it was previous experience with Plone, but I was amazed how easy version 3 was to set up.

A few years ago, I needed to write a custom product (plugin) for Plone. At the time, I had little experience with Python and did not enjoy the experience. My attitude towards scripting languages has improved a lot in the last three years because I have spent so much time coding in Ruby. Python == Ruby in 'scripting goodness', although I do like 'Ruby blocks'. I expect to finish up my own Ruby Rails CookingSpace.com project in the next month and I might use Python+Django on a much smaller project that I plan on doing after that (I have just about standardized on using Rails for all web apps, but I do enjoy a change of perspective from different tools :-)