My reward for a long day yesterday hacking Lisp code was a night out with my wife and friends to see "The Da Vinci Code". What a great movie! I thought that with very few exceptions the movie moved at a fast and interesting pace and was a sweet story.

The movie had a great scene of the Council of Nicea that in 323 AD decided what would be in the Bible - a very short scene of people haggling over what was to be in the Bible, but this scene set the stage for a story of an alternate view of the possible life of Christ.

I find it unfortunate that some people can not just take this move at face value as a work of fiction. I read an article this morning interviewing many Christian religious leaders. I agree with the leaders who looked at this movie as an opportunity for dialog and not as a threat to their beliefs. My personal belief is that spirituality is more valid and much more important than rigid religious dogma. Although I respect all religions I consider my self to be a Christian, but to me what is important is Christ's teachings: peace, love, connectiveness between all people, compassion for others, and the big one: you shall not kill. Really, these are the messages of all great religious and spiritual leaders of all religions. I don't even want to mention his name, but last year one of the more popular "religious leaders" in the U.S. was openly advocating the assassination of a leader of a foreign country. OK, the 'word of the day' is "hypocrisy". One of the many great things that one of my grandmothers (wife of a Methodist minister) taught me was to look at people's actions and not just listen to what they say.