First: if anyone has any info on good dedicated server hosting providers that use SuSE Linux, please email me at: markw at markwatson . com -Thanks!!

I am finding the combination of my Mac OS X desktop (and iBook :-) running an X11 display with SuSE Linux for servers on my own network is just about perfect: I prefer SuSE's Yast administration tools and keeping Yast open as required for each server with the display set to my Mac is just about perfect.

For customer installations, I usually use rented servers at and but they only provide Redhat Linux based servers.

Sometimes, I like to do development under Linux in addition to OS X (for a few different reasons) and here again, OS X's X11 support makes it pain-free to develop on Linux: for example: great looking Mac fonts, not need to use the Linux server's display (actually, I usually run Linux boxes headless around here :-), great for offloading long builds, etc. from my desktop OS X box, etc., etc.