First of all: Bush is going to give 6 speeches (one every week) on prime time T.V., with no Democratic response? So much for fairness in political campaigns. The Bush team re-writes the rules in their favor, be it in mega giveaways to the energy industry, or re-writing the rules that the U.S. has always before played (fair) by: Geneva convention to protect our own troops, etc.

PBS news played most of Bush's speech (in my opinion, it was very full of factual errors - I guess that if you bull-shit enough, people start to believe it).

Anyway, PBS, right after Bush's free campaign speech on prime time T.V., had a live interview with a liberal reporter in Iraq who simply (and it sounded truthful to me) discussed how much average Iraqis dislike the U.S. now and view Bush extremely negatively.

I voted for Bush in the last election (yeah, I know - a brain fart on my part!) but I truly believe that he will go down in history as the worst president in U.S. history. I hope and pray that America will wake up and *not* elect him for a second term.