For existing customers I prefer billing by project for a price negotiated against a fixed statement of work. Let's talk!

If we have not worked together then we can begin our work together with a small starter project in which case my consulting rate is $100/hour (plus travel expenses when I am working on site).

Would you like a discount? I do offer a large discount if we work together using my standard MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT and NDA for my consulting services which is a LIMITED LIABILITY CONSULTING AGREEMENT.

I have 30+ years programming experience and my customers have been pleased with both how efficiently I work and the quality of my work.

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Customer comments

"Mark is a demo hacker god." - Ben Goertzel, Founder and CTO of Webmind Corporation

"*Thank you* for your exceptionally hard and effective work. You definitely set an extraordinarily high standard for professionalism and productivity." - Alexandra Baehr, Senior Applications Developer, The University of Chicago

"I selected Mark as a consultant to help kick-start our enterprise Web Services initiative. In the many months of working together I was continually impressed with his technical breadth, self-confidence, and ability to deliver precisely what he committed to, on time, every time." - Paul Morgan, CTO Lutris Corporation

Statement of limited liability

I always make my best effort when working for you. When you hire me to do design and/or development work, the limit of my liability for the work that I do for you is five times the amount of the fee paid for my consulting services. Please read my MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT and NDA.

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Contact and billing information

I accept credit cards via the PayPal billing service via PayPal.

Email: [email protected]

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