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02 May 2014

Discourse open source discussion platform

I have been reading about the Discourse project for a while and a few days ago I followed the developer setup directions using my Linux laptop, Vagrant, and VirtualBox. That process was easy and I was up and running quickly.

Since I usually develop on a MacBook Air, I re-installed natively on OS X this morning, a simple process but it took a while.

Discourse is built on Rails 4 and Ember.js for the client side code. Discourse features infinite scrolling of discussion threads, a very nice user interface, and the code is nicely laid out. Except for some styling customization I am not sure how much I really need to hack on Discourse because it does so much out of the box. I have two possible uses for Discourse and so far it looks like it is easy to setup and administer and good for my use cases.

In terms of code size and the number of contributors, Discourse is a large project.

I set up a test public Discourse site at if you would like to try it.

Note: I took offline on 2014/5/25.

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