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29 Apr 2014

You can (once again) comment on my blog articles

Last year I switched from using the blogger blogging service to creating a static blog using Jekyll.

I have been very pleased with Jekyll except for the lack of easy support for readers adding comments. For a short time I enabled comments using Disqus but I quickly decided that I did not a third party dependency on my blog. If I didn't mind a third party dependency, then I would have just kept using blogger!

If you click on the HTML mailto link after each blog article, the subject of the post will automatically be the subject of your email so all you need to do is click the link and write your comment in the body of the email. This should make it easy for my readers to submit a comment and it only takes me a minute of manual work to add your comment to the post - a minute I am happy to spend making you part of the discussion!

There is a disadvantage that it might take me a half day or so to add your post if I am busy. There is an advantage though: using blogger, I would occasionally reject people's comments for various reasons (hey, it is my blog) and I always felt a little rude for dropping a comment without any explanation. Now, in the small chance that I don't want to post your comment, I can respond to your comment email personally letting you know why I did not accept your comment.

Do you want to comment on this blog article? Then please email your comment. I will add your comment with your name (I will not show your email address when publishing your comment).